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     Date: Tue, 6 Apr 1999 22:36:47 GMT From: "Elizabeth Christian"

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Subject: (O)Diary April 6 #2

To do list for March 8, 1999

3/8/99 9:20:42 AM

(Note: how much of this can you have done by Friday ?)

1. Finish references and email to Georgia Librarian (Priority one) - still not done (very, very high anziety) 29-Mar-99

2. Finish typing SWOT analysis stuff and put on Commons for Suzie and Courtney /3/8/99 9:59 AM -finished 3/8/99 10:29 AM

3. Suzie's evaluation - and get to Judith finished/also discussed Courtney's evaluation with Suzie. 3/8/99 11:52 AM 4. Find WS form for Amy and put in her email (ref desk) finished 3/8/99 1:58:09 PM

5. Contact students who need work (ref desk - connected to 11) - left word by phone or email for 3 students Started 3/8/99 4:42 PM

6. Check Micromedex forms and then contact students whose forms you do not have…if they are really missing. (Double check these carefully.)Found all but 13/8/99 1:58:39 PM [Sheri Dawson is the only one. 770-414-4351]- try back Monday, after spring break High after 1-14

7. See about the AACP Mercer history exhibit (talk to Trudy on Tuesday)/Trudy out sick - had meeting with Rjackson..this done already.

8. Book orders …get some out for pharmacy, reference, and health care 3 Selected 11 items, but may not have money to buy.3/9/99 3:36 PM

9. Check on file cabinet in LAN office 3

10. Give the rest of the Basic booklist forms out (maybe just put in faculty boxes)….out to the rest of the faculty. 3 (Anxiety - somewhat)Gave out 5 more.

11. Print out web page assignments for students who did not turn them in (Ref desk)Done3/9/99 2:58 PM

12. Consider surveying students about August orientation lecture 4

13. Mail check to pa y for AACP dues 2

14. Send information to students taking Farris's class …about sources for their Toxicology papers (Ref desk) 2 Helped 2 of these students in the library 3/10/99 5:16 PM

15. Check back with JM about plan to contact nontraditional pharm d students/Get revised letter from Jonathan….forward to Judith for further approval.3/8/99 10:36 AM(get form and make file folder) Done 3/8/99 4:06 PM

16. Complete evaluation of Ovid and Mdconsult for Gallileo 2Worked on Mdconsult eva l3/10/99 5:17 PM Done 29-Mar-99

17. Twenty-two hours of Reference Desk time March 8-12 Done 18. Statref, talked to Steve Campbell…possibility of a Galileo evaluation ?? with Ovid and Mdconsult ? telephone discussion 3/8/99 12:24 PM - relate to 16 Cancel

19. Inquiry from Redman about documents and pathphy color materials see 23 Done

20. Add to schedule Presentation by Real Education/ Tuesday, March 16, at noon, in Stetson, Rm 251.Cancel

21. Best practices - ref question for Kail (req 3/8/99 ) Done 3/8/99 4:03:44 PM

22. Color photos for pathophysiology - Redman (re1 3/8/99) Done 3/8/99 3:15:35 PM

23. (Not planned)..get article on reference evaluation Done 3/8/99 4:15 PM

24. Meet with Judith Mon pm....what to do as a result of meeting ? Done


3:00 PM

25. Try Cambridge abstracts Done ww.csa.com vick60, vick6060 exp 3/25/993/9/99 3:50 PM

26. Matthews question about Minnie Myer....Done

27. Questionnaires for Judith - started March 26 Survey suny done 3/30/99 10:56 AM All done3/30/99 11:09 AM

28. Biweekly report ending March 30 Done 3/30/99 11:26 AM

To Do for Exchange and Personal

1. Get Warren's info to Kitty Oliver…2 signatures

2. My visa…photo, application, transcript, letter from W, visa, copy of plane ticket, money order for return.

3. Purchase plane ticket

4. Store stuff

5. Cancel cell phone

6. Make arrangements to have bills paid

7. Make arrangements for Phoebe

8. Pack

9. Clean out office

10. Get tax forms out

Comments: OK, Elizabeth, why don't you try to figure out once and for all why you are procrastinaing and see what ou can do about it. Your procrastinating about getting these citaiton in to the Georgia Librarian has placed you in a situation where you are worrying about what Judith will say when she finds out, which means that you are constantly afraid of seeing her. OK..tonight you want to finish the citations, email them to the Georgia Librarian person...and then be done with it. You also want to finish your taxes tonight, though you really don't want the people on the Circulation Desk to see you do this, so maybe you should put it off until tomorrow. OK How to get over the hump of doing the citaitons What is the problem ? You don't know where the information is in that big stack of stuff. Setps 1. Find the stuff on the computer 2. Find the printouts you have in the big stack of stuff 3. Go over the stuff one more time, maybe get Darien to help you. 4. Email it. OK..ready, set, go. The time now is 6:40 pm.

May 6, 2002

Wow, things don't change very much do they, Elizabeth, not change very much at all ?

Here you are 3 years later...the issues are different, but most of the players are the same..

You never took care of the IRS thing properly, kept getting dunned for over 5,000 + regularly..and then when you let them know they had not credited you with your withholding they sent you a check for over 9,000 which let you pay off your credit card bills...which were by then sky high.

It is the procrastination and the not knowing where things are that exits today and really bugs you.

You do have all of those SWOTS out there...ready to be used. That part is great. You are really ready to move to the Stragetic Plan...or so I think.

Facing the day...a huge pile of boxes to dispose of ...

the living rooms is packed..and lots of stuff at work.and your office a mess..and a frustration..where, where, where are things that you will need ?

Well,so much for that.

Let's see where you stand later today.

And here is what you wrote, 2 years ago, and here you are now, with yet another contract letter, and thinking EXACTLY the same thing.

May 2, 2000 I had written May 1 on my diary as the day I would make a decision about retiring. Well, May 1 has come and gone and I now have a contract letter for more money than I have ever made, with a supplement coming soon from SS...and a poster paper for ALA for July...and the desire to pay off my credit cards before I actually leave the workforce.


One more year...

It looks like 2000 will continue to te the "countdown"....how long ? Perhaps I should let December 2000 be the end. Ot not ?

In any case things a clicking along as usual...and I have yet to make my big retirement plans

May 6, 2002

How repetitive you are, Elizabeth, how repetitive

Why even the ALA poster paper and the contract letter are exactly, exactly the same