It's Sunday morning May 5, at 9 am, and I have more things going than I can even keep count of..and yet I piddle my time away with television....last night 2 hours of Britcoms and the Greshim book-movie..The Client. Earlier I had done my "marshall" bit at graduation, and then spent at least 2 hours with Diane over a very nice..and pricy, she lamented her fate dealing with Pricilla...which we had rehashed the evening before at the Red Lobster. She did not get called back for the Florida job that looked so promising, she has not gotten offers for any of the jobs she has interviewed for..AND furthermore, does not seem to me to have a very realistic idea of the job market.

She got her salary increase turned down flat, and can no longer turn to Peggy DuBose, now Provost, her former boss..who seems to have washed her hands of her, having gotten her another boss, the now scorned and even hated Pricilla.

I got on Ebay this morning..and continued to bid, intervening online stuff with adding to my webpage on dolls of the world. Fiddling with sites, looking at LC catalog for titles...

And all those boxes in the living room from whichi I removed dolls to put into the suitcases from K-Mart. 1,250 at collection..and yet I continue to add to it...irrsponsibly. Get hold of yourself Elizabeth, get hold of yourself.

Plans now..stop off at Starbucks for coffee, with your little diary, maybe...or maybe not...and en do on to work and focus on getting things done that really NEED doing.

You have probably never been so "strung out" before..with tasks with deadlines.

Yet you are not having to deal with deadlines for in teaching....

All are in the works, you have helpers, and a goal.

So to repeat

1. May.... a Get ALA and GLA programs in the works b Write Loma Linda report and visit them at the end of the month (make reservations) c May 13,14,15...Phoebe's oral surgery d Get abstracts sent to GLA for papers e Finalize poster papers and get banner written for the 2 AlA posters f Conduct Staff Development committee meeting and submit a report g Line up timetable with Judith and Lynette..probably include Beth on this..for strategic plan h Take care of Photopoint CD-ROM i Attend the rest of the graduations

June i Eye exam..maybe use optician j Physical k Get ACPE poster paper finalized l Write all the papers you planned to submit for GLA..get starte on these m Attend ALA

July a Finish writing GLA papers b Start preparing promotion notebook c Contact 5 people for references d Photocopy articles

August a Guatemala ? b Work with pharmacy students

September a Submit promotion materials b

October a GLA

November December January - the countdown starts - ALA, and attend job section February March April May - last graduations June - the Good bye stuff

July Finish writing papers

Wow,wow,wow...thinking about getting to "the end" is really ...well makes you feel really bad.

Idea of focusing the next year on Friends of he Library experiences

Emory, Oglethorpe, DeKalb, Fulto-Atlanta, Fawcett, National Association, then GLA and ALA friends sections...could turn into full time something, I suppose. Or could it ? The point being involved with libraries I suppose.

Well, must really get off it this is my intent.

It is 1:15 and I didn't go to work after all. What I did do was to simply go up to Starbucks, drink coffee, eat some pastry, and read ALL of the NY Times..and the magazine section really got to me...the dangers of getting too involved with medical science.

In any case I decided what was really most important was to get my surroundings straightened back here....and about to embark on an afternoon and evening of cleaning...yet once again.

So....the doll thing. You still have almost 100 new dolls coming, and know the Kimport dolls we be listed..think you SHOULD go for them...but aside from that, pack up the dolls, arrange the books so they are handy, but can be found...and let the dolls go until after GLA ..and your promotion materials presentation.


1. Your health

and you know the drill


green, yellow, vegs....and fruits the fish twice a week...cans of tuna would probably take care of this

exercise...and you KNOW the solution there is actually a trainer...was in the past, will be for the rest of your life

Lay off sweets, meat...

2. Positive thoughts

So...why tv, the news, etc.

3. Quality time with family

Well, on to cleaning, Elizabeth, on with clearning...