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From: "Meredith Waddell" To: Subject: dolls- mini collection Date: Mon, 09 Apr 2001 07:00:41 -0400

Hi. we have corresponded before, a few months back. i have your web site among my favorites. my dolls are spilling all over my house and driving my sons and husband crazy. they are primarily displayed in the dining room and in an etagere off my bedroom. i now have acquired a great electronic camera and can send you a couple of photos if you want to see the disarray in which they are displayed. i am not necessarily trying to get a doll from each country, though i do like to get new countries added. many of the dolls i have been auctioning now have come in sets along with other dolls i was primarily interested in. also, my daughter who takes a great interest in ecommerce is always on the lookout for undervalued dolls that we might be able to re-sell.

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From: "Kirby Chadwick" To:

Hello Elizabeth,

Nice to meet you. Yes, I collect international dolls. Some other ebay collectors of international dolls that I write to are:

Gail Jackie Barbara Paola (She is in Italy but speaks English fairly well. We write both in English and Italian)

I am sure you have seen their id's on ebay and may have already written to them. They can probably tell you some others. Gail is a real expert on international dolls and has written articles for publications.

If you just counted all the dolls I have gotten so far on ebay, my collection would be large but I already had a lot of dolls so I would estimate that I have over 1000. I haven't counted. I would like to have at least a male and a female from every country. I am getting close but ofcourse some of the African and Arab countries are hard to come by. Ofcourse I have more than 2 dolls for most countries. My husband thinks I should start a doll museum and it is an intriging idea. Maybe someday when I retire.

What about you?


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