Dear Eden,

You seemed to be having a great time everytime I caught a glance of you. The blue dress is sensational.

Had interesting conversations

Alice Moran and new husband over lunch

Betty Wiesse and Stella Swango at the reception….the subject was hurricanes, as they live in Brunswick and Charleston…Stella said she would evacuate with her pictures..and her sewing machine.

Then a neat time at the reception for the art exhibit..and just listed to the art teacher talk to former classmates…caves (we never learned about them..all around and under us, history of the St. A farm, and the wonderful art program they have.

In the late after noon Phyllis took me to see her house….wonderful view, delightful sitting outside listening to the windchimes.

Eden and Marti went to South Pittsburg to see the Lodge Foundry, their Aunt Patsy, and a cornbread bakeoff.

I am so glad I came. And it was a thrill seeing you get your medallions.

Best wishes, Elizabeth

The trouble with photographs of people our age is that we really don't look so great anymore..and who wants to remember this. I need to figure out how to handle this. E

More scenes from April 27, 2002

Phyllis Hetrick-Bennett's beautiful home: