September4, 2003 Diary THE HISTORY, WHAT'S NEXT It has not turned out like I expected it too. Once I got the history written it was out of my hands. And everyone, including Dr. Littlejohn, thinks that Trudy wrote it. (Not that I do not feel totally appreciative of Trudy, trying not to feel jealous). I have no idea how much they are going to change it I am not getting a byline, recognition with the text, and may just be listed as one of many contributors on the back. So...what am I going to do ? If nobody starts complaining, I am just going to write my own history during the rest of the year, and after I retire put it up on my own web page. Not worry about a dissertation, or all that junk. Self-publish, I suppose. Is this totally crazy ?It seems to be a kind of closure to this 40 years, when you see yourself as part of the wallpaper. You never played a really active part in the pharmacy school, and now you want to be its historian Stop feeling sorry for more time, Elizabeth. It really does not matter in the big scheme of things, does it ? Could you have done things differently ? I think not. They don't want a documented "scholarly" history.But what they have all become are historical figures. But again, in the big scheme of things as far as you are concerned, what does this mean ?Perhaps it seems like it may be my chance to be an "historian" because all of this source material is dumped in my lap...if I want to use it.