Purchased this doll 2001

$100.00 on Ebay

NANCY REAGAN DANBURY MINT 21" FIRST LADIES This doll is one of the more striking from the America's First Ladies' series. To quote from the Certificate of Ownership, "The doll's finely sculpted face captures Nancy Reagan's sparkling eyes and warm, sunny smile to perfection. The costume, an authhentic re-creation of the luxurious white satin gown the First Lady wore to the Inaugural Ball, is lavishly decorated with over 5,000 hand-sewn crystal beads and accented with rhinestones. This doll is sure to become an heirloom of historical significance."


one-of-a-kind portrait dolls of Ronald and Nancy Reagan from an original design. These sculptures are finely crafted from cotton muslin and feature faces created by a photo transfer process. Each 31" doll is signed and dated 1985 by the artist. Note the finger and toe detailing. Dressed for a weekend at the Santa Barbara ranch

Acquired through Ebay for $10.00 and postage October 2002. Seller wrote Two original and authentic Ronald Reagan political souvenirs. One doll is stuffed cloth and is mint in the box. The other is a foam sponge.

RONALD REAGAN REPUBLICAN CONVENTION DOLL 1984 RAH! RAH! RONALD REAGAN. REPUBLICAN CONVENTION POSITIVE FORCE DOLL. Here is the ultimate Reagan waver from the 1984 Convention, depicting a smiling Ronnie in a Napoleonic stance atop a patriotic drum. Manufactured in Styrofoam with wooden handle, completely packaged with American Flag lapel sticker (can be used to stab melon-balls). The reverse of the packaging features the Republican chant....... "Rah, Rah, Ronnie! You hear them yell, the economy's better and we can tell. You've got the Demos on the run, the last four years have sure been fun. So now we'll have a whole lot more, cause this is the year of '84. We know you'll win cause you've done well come on Ronnie and give them hell!" The bottom illustration shows a shoe and shoe-print on a donkey's rump. Size: 11 X 3.5 inches.