Purchased on Ebay October 2003 $40.00

16" PAT NIXON, bisque shoulderhead, lower arms, legs & shoes, with hard stuffed cloth body, molded blonde hair, painted features. She is incised on back: My original Pat, 1969, WV., Edna Henderson. She wears a vintage looking pale blue polyester knit dress with matching coat trimmed in braid & sequins, matching purse. The color is faded in some fabric areas

Description This is a 1972 Nixon and Mao dolls playing ping-pong (made out of rubber, hand painted). Dolls are made in Hong Kong by a Chinese family. About 300 hundred of them were made, about 200 are destroyed in a barn collapse and only about 90 are still remaining in the entire world. ( 2 sold on ebay, 87 left.)

Pat Nixon

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