This is an Antique Hand Carved Abe Lincoln and wife Doll. They stand 13" and 12" tall. The hands, head, shoes and ankles are hand carved. The bodies are material and have great detail. Abe has a cigar in his hand. Notice the earring in Mrs. Lincoln's ear. The outfits are in excellent shape except for a 1/2" tear in Mrs. Lincoln's dress that is hid under her shaw. I don't know what kind of wood was used. Mrs. Lincoln has a tag that states, hand carved by Mary M. Crump, Mexico, MO

offered for sale on Ebay 2003

Peggy Nisbet doll of Mary Lincoln, wife of the 16th President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. She is wearing a purple velvet ball gown with white trim and a bodice of white and black shimmery trim, She also wears a hat made of knitted flowers, and has a lace fan attached to her right wrist

Purchased on Ebay October 2003