Here are two superb examples of the work of Rene Harrison. I recently acquired this pair of portrait dolls of President Lyndon and Ladybird Johnson from Rene's family. Rene Harrison is a reknowned doll artist, now deceased. Rene was a member of the National Institute of Doll Artists, Inc. since 1969. The NAIDA was organized in 1963 to work toward recognition of original hand made dolls expressing American culture. Among the many other portrait dolls she made are: President John Kennedy, Jackie Kennedy, Ike and Mamie Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, Queen Victoria, and Queen Elizabeth. The LBJ doll won second in the nation in the 16th annual exhibit of the United Federation of Doll Clubs at Washington, D.C. 1965. One writer says of the doll "President Johnson would be recognized anywhere, his face is filled with expression, the wrinkled brow, the deep wrinkle under the chin and up the lower cheek. Again the eyes have a feel to them which convey the personality of the president himself." Rene has made the starched white shirt, the black bow tie, and the well fitting dress suit complete with the minature white hanky showing. Rene has won many awards and is mentioned in the latest book on American dolls by Bullard. LBJ measures 21 inches high and Ladybird measures 19 inches high. They are both in excellent condition. These dolls are of historical significance and really should be in a museum.