Caroline Harrison, a Madam Alexander doll offered for sale on Ebay November 2002

There appear to be few books about Caroline Harrison. This is the only onhe sited in the First Ladies Library bibliography. Foster, Harriet McIntire. Mrs. Benjamin Harrison, (booklet). Indianapolis, 1908

This was an article Carpenter, Frank. Carp's Washington. New York: McGraw-Hill, 1960. Contains information on Caroline Harrison as First Lady in Washington based on interview with her by a prominent journalist.


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Caroline Harrison set up the first Chrismas tree: Installed electricity and remodeled the White House
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Caoline Harrison was the first president of the DAR: This is a copy of her first speech to the new organization, which she read February 22, 1892

" During the administration the Harrisons' daughter, Mary Harrison McKee, her two children, and other relatives lived at the White House. The First Lady tried in vain to have the overcrowded mansion enlarged but managed to assure an extensive renovation with up-to-date improvements. She established the collection of china associated with White House history. She worked for local charities as well. With other ladies of progressive views, she helped raise funds for the Johns Hopkins University medical school on condition that it admit women. She gave elegant receptions and dinners. In the winter of 1891-1892, however, she had to battle illness as she tried to fulfill her social obligations. She died of tuberculosis at the White House in October 1892, and after services in the East Room was buried from her own church in Indianapolis. " Picture and text from White House Web Page