Madame Alexander did a series of dolls that were based on the First Ladies of America. This is President Coolidge's wife, Grace Coolidge. Calvin Coolidge was President 1923-29 just as the Great Depression occurred. These dolls were all dressed by Madame Alexander in their inaugural gown. Grace Coolidge chose a very interesting look to attend an inaugural ball. Grace Coolidge is dressed as a flapper and has a vivid ruby red velvet dress with a hip belt of rhinestones and a double strand pearl necklace. She wears a boa fan tied to her wrist. She has ruby red velvet shoes with rhinestones. Obviously, Grace Coolidge followed her husband's lead in ignoring the fact that the country was wallowing in the worst depression of American history, and dressed as if these were the days of wine and roses. She looks regal, opulent and fun-loving. An interesting doll and part of the series VI collection of First Ladies of the United States

Offered for sale on Ebay August 2001. Not in my collection