Purchased one like this in a set with Bill in 2001

Another set offered on Ebay in 2002

Purchased a set like this in 2001 through Ebay

Purchased one like this in 2002 through Ebay for 10.00. One source on Ebay claims that only 3000 have been made.

Offered for sale on Ebay August 2002.

This is the text that goes with this doll

It is not in my collection

Infamous Famous Meanies bean bag doll. Spoof on former president Bill Clinton. NEW. MWMT. The beanie has his patriotic boxers down at his knees. Poem reads: Bull Clinton is "full of it" they say. His "staff" couldn't get out of the way. He's in and out of courts, 'cause of his fallen shorts, he leans to the left, so they say.