I purchased a boxed version of this doll through Ebay in 2001.

This particular Madame Alexander did a series of dolls for the First Ladies of America. This doll is a First Lady Doll, Series IV, but is not a wife of a President, but rather, a sister of a President. Chester A. Arthur became President of the U.S. in 1881 when President James Garfield died in office. Arthur was a widower. On becoming President, he asked his sister, Mary McKee to become the Acting First Lady. She loved the honor and was a spectacular success. Her success was due mostly to the fact that President Arthur was famed for his lavish entertaining previous to becoming President and as President he outdid any other President before him with his prodigious hospitality. With her help, his Presidency was reputed to be one which held the most parties and the most opulent social events. She is dressed in her gold inaugural gown with silver lace and pearls edging the sleeves and neck. She has blonde hair with an elaborate Victorian updo. She's ornately dressed and adorned. She comes in her original M. Alex. Blue box with original pink tissue packing. doll was offered on Ebay in 2002