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March 1, 2000

[Comment: October 10, 2003] This seems right now like a very important diary entry. I am quite clear now about how I responded to Judith (I responded appropriately, but should not have cried, should have said I would go over her head and talk to Beth Hammond) , and I am equally clear how she was barging ahead, determined to make things as bad for Sophia as she could. Yes, she spoke at the reception , and did not comment on Sophia's work…she just talked about her cooking. Looking at it from my present perspective, I wonder if Sophia should have endured it all.

Then after Judith seemed to have railroaded my own exit from the Library, she managed to have a surprise "good-bye" party, when I was getting ready to leave for ALA and flustered… and I behaved very badly. I really wish that I could take that all back. Judith put Beth Perry and Lynette up to doing it (they both said they had protested), and invited Lindsay who sent me a nice card…They all meant well, and then I insulted them, which was very bad.

But what this diary does do is demonstrate that I was not all wrong…these things really did happen, and now Judith is Associate Dean for the Libraries..managed to come to the Centennial banquet, gave me this note, talked to others about my speech in the Library Management meeting to which I was always excluded…Christine emailed me…there was something I hated…I hated her being there….It was John Roskos's bitterness. He had come to the Friday alumni event, he had come with Inez to the banquet..and then when I mentioned seeing him again he got livid, and lashed out…."Pollock and those three female students"…what had happened ?

What I resolved then, and will continue to resolve..and this is a reminder…I will not voice any bitterness to anyone else again. Littlejohn, not Roskos is my model. Littlejohn was probably promised a Vice Presidency for Health Care in Atlanta if he left the deanship for that…and then that never materialized. He actually retired 2 years later.]

[End of comment …Back to March 1,2000]

Sofia resigned, and within two hours Judith asked me to chair a committee (she had already talked to Trudy) to arrange a retirement party for Sofia. Right away...restrictions.. We don't invite the entire campus for staff...Charles was an exception; he had been here for 30 years not just 17 The library does not have a budget.could get a sheet cake. Physical plant does have a budget Cannot use the downstairs of the library or Davis building for Sofia.... that is not for staff (though June had hers there; Judith turned down physical plant for Charles) It was not a nice scene I made the mistake of crying.... I asked Judith if she could give S. a good reference and she told her that she could not... She and Daniel should modify their lifestyles.... It was strictly her fault she probably felt frightened.... I went and talked to Trudy ...who even said "punch and cookies".... and I told Trudy about the probation.... about having Matthews speak rather than Judith.... We set a date.... last week in March.... and Trudy and I began to plan. Was a short thing. Trudy wanted to send out really nice invitations. (Will the pharmacy faculty really come?) Trudy seemed to think that the Special Collection room would be suitable because not many people would be there. Well, maybe they would not come. I called Diane at night...have been going over and over and over this.... Diane said that she thought that Sofia would not come to the event....Sofia will be gone for the balance of the week, so we will have to wait to ask her next week. Diane talked about our having a party for Sofia ourselves...I suggested Diane's club house... has finally come, and I have gotten myself looking bad with Judith on account of this. I hope it will not affect me too much. The FDIC job ...they have not called Richard, and I assume that they have not called it is probably not much of a possibility. They ran an an ad on some Georgia job lines..maybe more...starting the 22nd, so have probably gotten a number of applicants. It was a nice dream......for a couple of weeks, and certainly having the job interview for experience was a plus. And yesterday....looking back on accomplishments [Comment: October 10, 2003]

So THIS is how the President's Wives, then ultimately President doll collection began….with Polk, Eisenhower, Garfield and Truman (Brinn, Nortell, and those blue box dolls all represented) began. Now I have every wife except for the second Harrison, the other Jackson and Wilson women, and Ladybird Johnson, Mrs. Nixon, Ford, and Mrs. Carter…though I do have paperdoll books for the last ones.

What am I going to do with them all ? Still a decision to be made. Not only do I have dolls, I have accompanying biographies, autobiographies, and presidents' materials. [End of comment …Back to March 1,2000] 1. 9-10 - talked with Trudy and encouraged her about the pharmacy artifacts collection the school is getting. They have gotten an appraiser. 2. Met with Pollock about the Library.... 3. Worked some more on the assessment/goals thing for the report for Peggy (ultimately for Peggy).... 4. Spent the lunch hour with Trudy at an antique place...she was picking up another furskin doll....and was facinated by some President's Wives dolls....7 of them, I think..45.00 each.... 5. 2-3:30....met with librarians and Judith...she spent much of the time talking about closing....about the job search....there was an applicant from Southern Tech.... She talked about some of us had not taken much time....then went into the question of meetings...I was surprised to hear that both she and Florence were going to ALA....asked if I was going to AACP..and said I did not have the money....would she ask Matthews ?.... So I said let them give me their schedules, I would project a schedule for July and August...and see what we needed to resolve. Judith emphasized that she would have to approve the vacations days first. I made an appointment to meet with her at 5 to talk about the assessment thing...and then she closed the door and laid it on me about Sofia. Between 6 and 7:30 Florence went over the computer stuff about disabling security on the computers and then clearing stuff out so the computers would print again. At one point we have to go into the server room itself. Also....I set up SWOT meetings about ill and electronic stuff with both Diana and Florence...both on Friday the 10th. I need to get everything organized....I have so many balls in the air at the same time..... [Comment: October 10, 2003]

I had so hoped we could get a really good journal club going, but was never able to pull it off. I tried once, Sally would not come, and did not let her staff have the lunch time off if they did the journal club for coming. We did only one more, with Diana and Florence. Florence brought articles dealing with discrimination about black, gays and Asians…but it was a no go. I never had any support. I felt bad about it. [End of comment …Back to March 1,2000] Oh, and I also arranged for the Journal Club. Found a simple one page abstract....about user procrastination. Copied and distributed the article to the staff, sent an email.....Florence said that she thought it would be interesting.... I must get a "prize" from the bookstore...something Mercer...yyyy....

And in between I moaned in Diane's office.... while she went on about the Education Faculty member in Macon sending all those "anti-Semitic" posts...about meetings not even on the Macon campus. I shared a cab home partway with a business student from Uganda...said her parents came to Atlanta often, and that is why she had chosen this school. And once home, of course I could not wait to check my email. Not much there.... I had spent a lot on taxis 1.50 for MARTA 17.00 coming home then a breakfast of coffee and a muffin - 91 cents I still need to get my bills together and pay them. systematically. I also didn't call Eden