June 30, 2003 Diary

Last Hours on the Desk

On your mark, get set......

Now the decks are cleared for the history....no one will disturb you in that office....

You have a plan for the publication...get on with it without thinking further, and after that is over start concentrating on the WebCT stuff.

You have just worked your last hour here on the reference desk..after 12 years..enough is enough..and dealt with a student and that nasty Betty..there have been too many of them in these years

Remind yourself Elizabeth, that except for your bad performance at the staff "goodbye" you have handled yourself well through a really stressful time..maybe you were only the victim of ageism, maybe not. Working until 70 with the salary you are getting is an achievement you should not dismiss.

The Peace Corps nomination looks good. Kavula (you learned from the faculty report that he left behind) was really proud of his promotion to Professor..and you too should push forward with your aspiration here. These ups and downs of depression will continue, of course, but you can handle them.