October 10, 2003

There was something of a mixup over one of my final medical tests, but nurse Patrick, from Dr. Van Buren's office is supposed to have faxed it to Dennis who will get it to nurse Toni Eason sometime soon, and I either will or won't have a medical clearance.

I am getting impatient to get an invitation, if in fact I will be invited. Almost 6 months have passed since my interview with Michael Jenkins in the local regional office in the "old Rich's building" and my nomination. At the moment I would like to leave a month after finishing my contract and last year (41 years) at Mercer which will be June 30. However, I understand that invitations are "iffy" and not always what you expect.

To quote the Peace Corps web page "

Web pages from volunteers

Dominican Republic: Well designed page soliciting $4,000.00 for a latrine project
Brief histpry of Peace Corps in DR: Been there for 40 years
Cynical page on African PC experience: Actually a page used by the author to run for office