Diary February 4, 2002 Yesterday..Sunday I worked until 9 pm and spent a lot of time copying and printing diary entries off of Tripod from 2000 and 2001. Verdict: a predicatable, anxious,even angst filled, somewhat unhappy, and boring life. What to do about this ? Looking back on January 2002, what to show for it ? There were the first several days just lying in bed at Eden's watching TV, largely C-Span, the "war on terrorism", the "econony"..Enron and Bin Laden, and reading depressing books about David's wife, Saul's daughter and the battle of Leningrad. Felt good, a bit popular in fact at the GLA Leadership Conference,enjoyed a week in New Orleans..librarians (ALA midyear) the hostel, a bit of sightseeing, then back for a visit with Phoebe, and nothing done about her bad housekeeping, compuslive buying, and ended with a really great Saturday evening with Marti and the Brownie's sleepover and the Northside Tavern with Rob and Shasha of Belarus, and the Mudcats. But then today tangled with Judith. Spent an entire afternoon rewriting the "history". I feel that I need to snasp out of this sometime in my life and really soar, really feel....well, something other than what I am feeling.

Two images from my camera on Friday January 25, the day before Phoebe's birthday. Public housing in Atlanta, public housing in Rome Georgia. An American phonomena.

And another image, this time from New Orleans, a trolley, simulating a streetcar. I rode one briefly, to nowhere. Streetcars were a part of my life from ages 7 to about 12. The Ponce de Leon ran past my Ponce de Leon home, and looking back, I loved them. There began my romance with public transporation.

And what I wrote today..about the pharmacy school